Connecting you to Space, in Scotland

Space Network Scotland enters 2nd stage

Falcon 9 2nd stage separation c/o SpaceX


Connecting you to Space, in Scotland





Phytoplankton off the east coast of Scotland © ESA

Connecting you to Space, in Scotland





Eclipse seen by Proba-2 March 2015 © ESA

Connecting you to Space, in Scotland
Connecting you to Space, in Scotland
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Space Network News

Space Investor Event at Scotland House

Space Network Scotland and the Satellite Finance Network (SFN) jointly hosted a Space Investment Showcase on 29 November at the Scotland House - the impressive new Innovation and Investment Hub on the Embankment in London.

SFN, led by Joanne Wheeler, have held a number of similar events over the last few years so establishing an impressive network of space interested investors. They also provided excellent support to the individual companies that are involved in the selection process.

The selection and preparation process followed the tested SFN methodology, and included pre-pitch training, this time it being conducted in Edinburgh and London. On the night, each of six companies, three of which from Scotland, 6 minutes to present their companies for investment - this being followed by 9 minutes of questions from the investor panel and audience.

We have some information on investor interest on the night and, while investment normally takes a while to be finalised, there are grounds for optimism.

The support from the meeting from Scottish Enterprise, SDI and the Scottish Investment bank, as well as the venue and quality of Scottish companies all contributed to a very positive vibe for the entrepreneurial space community in Scotland.

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Organisational Support for the Space Sector in Scotland

Earlier this year we invited the Network to fill in a Questionnaire on what they are looking for with regards collective organisational support.  This was then followed up with a meeting attended by respondents.  

Thanks to all of you who responded, attended and provided inciteful comments.

The overall conclusions from the questionnaire were that:

  • Most interest in support came from respondents who see themselves entirely or largely as space organisations.
  • The priority interests of the sector are representation to government, marketing of the sector and networking events.
  • Promoting Scottish capability in new space was equally popular with promoting space capability more broadly.
  • Only around half of the companies that responded are currently members of a trade body.

At the follow-on meeting the broad consensus was that support should continue to be light touch and response to the companies and universities that make up the network.  

So, over the next year we will follow this feedback.  And in doing so, aim to help you continue to have positive outcomes in Space.

Finally -  we are open, as always, for suggestions for activities and events to promote the sector.


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Questionnaire - Support for the Space Sector in Scotland

The past few years has been a remarkably exciting and dynamic time for the space sector in Scotland – from new spaceport planning through volume satellite manufacture to global applications.  The great potential for growth has also been recognised in a recent London Economics report and, from meetings we have had, there is a real desire to push on - for the sector itself to collectively drive things forward.

For maximum impact and to get behind this momentum, we need to know what type of support association/activity would make most sense for your organisation.  At Space Network Scotland we have been busy supporting the sector over the past couple of years or so – largely through quarterly meetings and helping companies and universities getting funding.  But what sort of support does the sector need going forward – a traditional trade association?  A body that would focus on marketing Scotland’s extensive space capabilities?  A more informal, collaborative association that would focus on “new space” capabilities?What is clear is that to be successful, any support must be industry led. 

To this end, we have compiled a short questionnaire.  We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey for us.   Although the  questions should only take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete, the information they will provide is crucial to how things are taken forward.  A small aside - we are sending this out to a number of companies, government departments and universities, but to keep things simple we refer to you all as companies.  Hope this doesn’t confuse or indeed cause offence.

With thanks in anticipation of your input.


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Space Network Scotland works to:

  • Facilitate greater integration and connection between space initiatives, bringing collaborations, projects and funding into Scotland.

  • Improve the connections and, therefore, opportunities with major customers/funders including the European and UK Space Agencies.

  • Increase interaction and knowledge transfer between our industry base and academic research groups.

  • Encourage the advancement of downstream technologies and services in developing markets.

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