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ORE Catapult boldly goes with new ESA Space Ambassadors


The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult is hosting European Space Agency (ESA) Ambassadors for its Integrated Application Programme (IAP) as part of an opportunity to identify and facilitate offshore energy needs that can be fulfilled and supported by space assets.

This activity, part of ESA’s broader network of Ambassador Platforms, is aimed at all aspects of the offshore energy industry, not just renewables. The purpose of the Ambassador Platforms is to raise awareness of the ARTES 20 (Integrated Applications) and ARTES 3-4 (Satellite Communication Applications) programmes and to identify, promote and deliver feasibility studies and demonstration-scale projects.  

The Ambassadors, Callum Norrie and Kevin Worrall, will encourage potential partners to engage with the ARTES programmes and help bidders get projects accepted, acting as a liaison between final users and partners who are interested in providing a service using multiple space assets.

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UK Space Agency Technology Call - but you need to be quick!

The UK Space Agency has just launched its technology pathfinder open call - for funding of up to £50k to support new space technologies become commercial and, usefully, support them ahead of further development in programmes such as ESA's.  For more information go to the Opportunities page on this site.

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Business Breakfast and Telecom Workshop

 InnovateUK business breakfast in Edinburgh on the 10th June, and ESA Telecommunications Workshop 8 - 10 July in Oxford.

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