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ESA Integrated Applications Promotion Programme

Periodic Opportunity

For those looking to develop services, and indeed the technology behind them, for downstream applications - the ESA IAP Programme is worth a good look.  

Unlike Ronseal - the title of the programme is not quite what it says on the tin.  This is actually good news.  Firstly, the long standing requirement that submissions involve two integrated satellite assets is not the case any more - and services can be built around satellites delivering any single space asset from Earth Observation, Navigation or indeed Telecon.  Even technologies developed for upstream space application can form the root of a proposal.  Secondly, the programme is not specifically directed towards apps - it is services broadly - and the technologies behind them, however they are delivered.

The programme provides quite a range of types of financial support - starting at €60k for quick response calls to qutie significant amounts for high value projects as part of their open call.  

The ESA IAP team are open to discuss any proposal - with their UK Ambassador Ian Downey being an excellent route into the programme.  We at Space Network Scotland have also some experience of the programme - and are also happy to advise at an early stage.

European Union - Horizon 2020

Periodic Opportunities

As you likely know Horizon 2020 is the successor programme is the EU’s main instrument for the funding of research and innovation in science, engineering and technology.

This is the link to its overall work programme.

Obtaining funding from H2020 is not an easy task even at the best of times - but the rewards for those get involved in a quality consortium can be considerable.  

Fortunately, there is help on hand, by way of a Workshop on Space and H2020 on the 3rd October 2017.