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Some say it's not what you know, but who you know! Our guide to #networking for #startup #entrepreneurs: #Vid
Could visits to the doctors include full body scanners & #AI? Our #predictions:
What Will The Future of Healthcare Look Like?
@BlueMaestroNews #Health #Vid
Nicolas Chamussy, EVP Space Systems @AirbusSpace explains how the company relies on the UK for the mechanical structure of satellites, payloads and propulsion systems. Important new contract signed today with @Eutelsat_SA #IndustrialStrategy
Take two trips around our planet and enjoy the stunning view from the @Space_Station in @Astro_Alex’s longest continual timelapse yet! #SpaceStation20th
The high street of the #future will offer rich, interactive #shopping with #AugmentedReality changing rooms: #Vid
New funding has been announced for 3 🇬🇧 led experiments on the @Space_Station 🛰 looking at muscle loss through ageing and making materials with new properties 🚀
#Win a trip to Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana! Visit one of the European #SpaceTalks taking place throughout Europe during November, post your #SpaceSelfie... and you could win an exclusive trip, or one of the other prizes.
Find out more:...
🎼Holidays are Coming. Holidays are Coming 🎶
(I feel there needs to be a worst-of-British town centre Christmas decorations @BuzzFeed just so I can submit this! 🤦🏼‍♂️😂)
We have two amazing Apprenticeships starting in Jan 2019! We're looking for an Electrical and a Mechanical Apprentice. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a rewarding career in a hands-on engineering environment! Interested? Find out more here:
Alliance for Water Stewardship: Measure, analyse & improve business continuity with Ecometrica Society as a whole is starting to realise that water is becoming a larger, or perhaps our largest, sustainability problem. While previously it was the lack of water that was perceived as the problem, in the last few years we ...
Exciting to see so many enjoying European #SpaceTalks this November! Join an event near you to find out more about how space is helping humankind to solve some of the world's greatest challenges:
Just had an email from a past @SocialMobilityF mentee - he’s now studying at @MIT as a Fulbright Scholar! Very proud to have played a small part in his journey to success. The Social Mobility Foundation really does help exceptionally...
We've arrived at United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress! We're getting ready for an exciting few days in China, kicking off with a ministerial dialogue session, chaired by Vanessa Lawrence, on moving towards a more sustainable world #UNWGIC
Stay tuned for Monday’s @SpaceX @spaceflightinc launch of the British VESTA @honeywell_aero @SurreySat spacecraft, which will improve safety and security for commercial shipping
What can we expect at Smart Factory Expo Smart Factory Expo is not long away now! Join Vert on the 14-15th November in Liverpool at what is set to be a great show! Smart Factory Expo is the largest part of Digital Manufacturing Week! At the show you ...
Forests 2020: Achievements in the First 18 Months First published by Geoconnexion:   Tropical forests represent a vital resource, underpinning the livelihoods of billions of people, storing and cycling large amounts of carbon dioxide and water and hosting a large proportion of global biodiversity. Recent research by ...
News of latest changes at Space Network Scotland can be found at our website
Some changes We wanted to share with you some changes with regard to Space Network Scotland.  As you may know, Space Network Scotland (SNS) was created in 2014 as part of the activities of Scottish Enterprise’s Space Network Integrator project.   Since ...
News story: Exciting opportunities available for industry placements The UK Space Agency has unveiled a list of space sector work placements available to recent graduates or postgraduate students.

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