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Experts predict UK GDP could be over 10% higher in 2030 as a result of #ArtificialIntelligence: #AI #Robotics #Vid
Advances in 3D Printing will reduce waste and make #manufacturing more #eco friendly: #Vid
Our latest @euronews episode explores how satellites can help us better understand climate threats, like the sea-level rise that's affecting the coast of the low-lying #Camargue region in #France... See
.@Astro_Alex will shortly be returning to Earth after his long-duration stay on board the @Space_Station, check out the some of the highlights of his #Horizons mission... see
#Festive Fun #Space Fact: while thinking about how many reindeer pull Santa on his sleigh, #BepiColombo’s propulsion system – with two thrusters firing and generating 125 mN of thrust – is equivalent to about 125 ants pulling our 4 ton...
Happy #Principia mission anniversary @astro_timpeake! You can still apply to give Newton's #spacesaplings a place to grow 🍏🌳
Apply now 👉
#SpaceforAll is back: £65,000 available for education and outreach programmes follows a new report assessing the impact of the #Principia campaign. Find out more and apply now
#Opportunity: The @WestcottBIC Open Call closes on Mon 17 Dec! If you're working in #rocket #propulsion, #5G, #drones or #autonomous #systems, Westcott could support you in the growth of your business -
What’s on Offer?
Ahead of the third anniversary of @astro_timpeake's #Principia mission, a new report 📔 has found that over 2 million children were inspired by our #education campaign.
Find out more 👉
Our Earth Observation Specialist, Tom Jones, explains how #Artificial #Intelligence and #EO can provide a fresh perspective on some of the greatest challenges of our time. Read the piece on @Geoconnexion here:
CDP Update: 2018 Scores and 2019 Timeline This morning, CDP have released further details around their 2018 score release and 2019 timeline.   2018 Data and Scores 2018 public responses are now available on the CDP website 2018 scores will be made available to companies, investors and ...
A recap of Smart Factory Expo Smart Factory Expo has now been and gone. Liverpool was home to the annual show and it was a great experience for Vert to be involved in! Smart Factory Expo is Europe’s biggest Digital Manufacturing Show and the biggest element of ...
Alliance for Water Stewardship: Measure, analyse & improve business continuity with Ecometrica Society as a whole is starting to realise that water is becoming a larger, or perhaps our largest, sustainability problem. While previously it was the lack of water that was perceived as the problem, in the last few years we ...
News of latest changes at Space Network Scotland can be found at our website
Some changes We wanted to share with you some changes with regard to Space Network Scotland.  As you may know, Space Network Scotland (SNS) was created in 2014 as part of the activities of Scottish Enterprise’s Space Network Integrator project.   Since ...
Press release: Marsquakes’ mission successfully lands on Red Planet A mission to Mars, supported by the UK Space Agency, has successfully landed and will soon begin the first study of the heart of the planet.

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