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Callum has extensive experience in the space industry with over 10 years working at the European Space Agency, latterly as the manager of the ESA Technology Transfer Network.  With a PhD in physics and an MBA, Callum has worked in a number of roles including technology development, marketing and business support.

Questionnaire - Support for the Space Sector in Scotland

The past few years has been a remarkably exciting and dynamic time for the space sector in Scotland – from new spaceport planning through volume satellite manufacture to global applications.  The great potential for growth has also been recognised in a recent London Economics report and, from meetings we have had, there is a real desire to push on - for the sector itself to collectively drive things forward. For maximum impact and to get behind this momentum, we need to know what type of support association/activity would make most sense for your organisation.  At Space Network Scotland we have been...
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... and a busy Space New Year

Ok, so a small break at least is hopefully in order for you first. We hope you also like our festive image of the Christmas Tree Cluster courtesy of ESO. And while you're here, we'd like just like to invite you over to the events page where you will find two very exciting space data events coming up in the first weeks of January.  Back to busy is not far away!

Entering 2nd Stage

    During 2016 Scottish Enterprise retendered for delivery of Space Network Scotland. Following this the 2nd Stage of Space Network Scotland has been awarded to the existing team - strengthened by SoXSA at the University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh department of Geosciences, who will provide increased support for the use of space data by businesses in Scotland. The main activities will continue by way of direct support for companies and universities looking to enter or extend their activities in space markets - and for quarterly events.  There will also be a progression towards establishing a sustainable, industry...
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Manufacturing for Space - Scottish H2020 Cofund Proposal

This may not be your ideal time to consider submission of an EU proposal - but while things hopefully get sorted out a very exciting proposal is being submitted to the European COFUND call later in the summer.  The topic is Manufacturing for Space - fostering excellence and mobility.  It will provide 3-year doctoral studies for 20 outstanding early-stage researchers.  The theme encompasses the design and manufacturing of systems and subsystems that are associated with the launch, bus and payload of tomorrow's satellites through a range of space-compatible manufacturing technologies.  The goal of the programme is to help position Scotland as...
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Space in Scotland 2015 - Presentations now available!

Presentations from the companies and universities that presented at Space in Scotland 2015 arenow available.  We like to think that it was an excellent event in terms of the quality of presentation, the attendance and crucially the interaction it created. Videos of the presentations can be viewed at Space Network Scotland Youtube Channel .

Canada-UK colloquium examines obstacles and opportunities for Space

First held in 1971, the annual Canada-UK colloquium brings together parliamentarians, public officials, company executives and academics to discuss government policy priorities relating to an important issue or topic.  This year, the topic for discussion was the obstacles and opportunities in space.  Glasgow, and in particular the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow who both have strong space activity, was selected by the colloquium to host the prestigious event from 20-21st November. Ahead of the symposium discussions, a briefing day was held which included visits to Cubesat companies Clyde Space and Spire, and briefings by the contender sites to be the UK spaceport....
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