Space Network News

Space Network News

Game Changing Ocean Colour Monitoring

Clyde Space have teamed up with a top American team to develop a new cubesat which is set to be “game-changer” to study ocean biology.   For more information .

Innovate UK

Now is the time to book your slot for a meeting with Maria Kalama, Innovate-UK Lead in Satellite Communications. More information. A reminder also that on Thursday the 3rd Scottish Space Symposium is being held.


Space is going through particularly exciting times in Scotland - and not just because the UK Spaceport might be based here. The excitement comes from the great interaction between the Scottish Space Sector and space players around the world.  New projects, expanding companies, new business models.  Business and academia in space in Scotland have never been stronger. This website is here to help everyone in the space sector in Scotland know what is going on, to stay connected. It is here to help those for whom space may provide answers, for those who want to do busines in Space in Scotland.

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