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Some changes

We wanted to share with you some changes with regard to Space Network Scotland.  As you may know, Space Network Scotland (SNS) was created in 2014 as part of the activities of Scottish Enterprise’s Space Network Integrator project.   Since then SNS has worked with companies, research institutions and space agencies to assist in growing/developing space activity in Scotland.  The Space Network Integrator project concludes at the end of this September. 

From a Scottish Enterprise perspective this marks the end of the forming process for the space industry in Scotland.  Following on, we’d like to introduce you to the Scottish Space Leadership Council, a community of Scottish businesses with an involvement in Industrial/Commercial Space, who have come together with the aim to increase business opportunities, efficiencies, effectiveness and economic impact through collaboration, partnering and mutual support, and whose role is firmly business-based.   For further information about the Council, please contact Scottish Enterprise’s Karen Wilson on 0141 468 5666, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you have any further queries around Scottish enterprise activities and services in general, please contact your existing account manager or the enquiry helpdesk on 0300 013 3385.

We are delighted to say that Space Network Scotland will continue as an independent entity, still managed by Callum and Gill.  Central to this will be the website which will continue to provide:

  • A portal, signposting site visitors to the wealth of space activity and expertise in Scotland.
  • An evolving network directory.
  • Information on funding opportunities.
  • Details of space-related events.
  • A platform to highlight your key events, career vacancies etc
  • A newsletter plus up to date news and twitter feeds.

Future Development: Clearly the success of the next phase for SNS is dependent on it playing a practical and valid role within our space community.  To this end, we are asking for your help and input.  We have some ideas that we’re developing, however we would like to get your suggestions about how SNS could work for you going forward.  If you would like to contribute your thoughts/be involved, please get in touch.

This is a hugely exciting time for all areas of Scottish Space with notable announcements such as the opening of the Higgs Centre; multiple commercial and venture funding deals; the Edinburgh data-focussed City Deal; and, of course, Launch from Scotland.  Within all of this we see a place for SNS to thrive as a resource for you and your organisations.

Gill and I look forward to any feedback you would like to share with us and, on behalf of our colleagues in the Space Network Integrator team at Scottish Enterprise and ourselves, we’d like to thank you for your participation in the Network to date.


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