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Space Investor Event at Scotland House

Space Network Scotland and the Satellite Finance Network (SFN) jointly hosted a Space Investment Showcase on 29 November at the Scotland House - the impressive new Innovation and Investment Hub on the Embankment in London.

SFN, led by Joanne Wheeler, have held a number of similar events over the last few years so establishing an impressive network of space interested investors. They also provided excellent support to the individual companies that are involved in the selection process.

The selection and preparation process followed the tested SFN methodology, and included pre-pitch training, this time it being conducted in Edinburgh and London. On the night, each of six companies, three of which from Scotland, 6 minutes to present their companies for investment - this being followed by 9 minutes of questions from the investor panel and audience.

We have some information on investor interest on the night and, while investment normally takes a while to be finalised, there are grounds for optimism.

The support from the meeting from Scottish Enterprise, SDI and the Scottish Investment bank, as well as the venue and quality of Scottish companies all contributed to a very positive vibe for the entrepreneurial space community in Scotland.

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