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Organisational Support for the Space Sector in Scotland

Earlier this year we invited the Network to fill in a Questionnaire on what they are looking for with regards collective organisational support.  This was then followed up with a meeting attended by respondents.  

Thanks to all of you who responded, attended and provided inciteful comments.

The overall conclusions from the questionnaire were that:

  • Most interest in support came from respondents who see themselves entirely or largely as space organisations.
  • The priority interests of the sector are representation to government, marketing of the sector and networking events.
  • Promoting Scottish capability in new space was equally popular with promoting space capability more broadly.
  • Only around half of the companies that responded are currently members of a trade body.

At the follow-on meeting the broad consensus was that support should continue to be light touch and response to the companies and universities that make up the network.  

So, over the next year we will follow this feedback.  And in doing so, aim to help you continue to have positive outcomes in Space.

Finally -  we are open, as always, for suggestions for activities and events to promote the sector.


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