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Space Network Scotland (SNS) launched in May 2014 to provide a focal point and a resource for Scotland's space sector.  Key to its activities is the identification and creation of opportunities for the space sector in Scotland.

With SMEs, research groups, agencies and international corporates all present, Scotland is rich in its research, innovation and entrepreneurialism. As all signs are pointing to continued growth in space markets, a very exciting future beckons.Taking a proactive approach, SNS is working on the ground to make connections, within Scotland and internationally, to encourage collaborations and to lobby on behalf of the sector.  Networking and training events provide further opportunities to engage with the network.

Space Network Scotland works to:

  • Facilitate greater integration and connection between space initiatives, bringing collaborations, projects and funding into Scotland
  • Improve the connections and, therefore, opportunities with major customers/funders including the European and UK Space Agencies
  • Increase interaction and knowledge transfer between our industry base and academic research groups
  • Encourage the advancement of downstream technologies and services in developing markets

Key Contacts

Callum Norrie
+44(0) 7474 330 888
Callum has extensive experience in the space industry with over 10 years working at the European Space Agency, latterly as the manager of the ESA Technology Transfer Network. With a PhD in physics and an MBA, Callum has worked in a number of roles including technology development, marketing and business support. In addition to his role as Network Integrator he provides strategic and business development support to leading commercial, academic and government agencies involved in space.
Gillian Mayman
+44(0) 7474 330 888
A former director at Connect Scotland, a network for early stage technology companies, Gillian has extensive experience of creating and growing an industry network. Her focus is on developing Space Network Scotland through targeted events, online communication and liaising with partner organisations.

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