The Space Sector
In Scotland

Capabilities and Ambitions

Scotland is home to a remarkably diverse, and growing, space community.  At its core are companies and academic groups with the skills and capabilities to thrive in an exciting, and fast changing, sector.

For example, data from satellite measurements is being used in an increasing number of applications including to monitor forests and fields, waves and wind, climate and corrosion. Data that is not just used in the domestic market but also worldwide.  

Technologies that are being developed, and manufactured, here include components for large international satellites as well as for the new classes of ultra-small satellites which are also produced, in volume, in Scotland. 

The country is also a leading provider of space astronomy technologies and expertise - including an instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope and the core instrument for the LISA space based gravitational-wave observatory.

Geography provides us with excellent potential sites for both horizontal and vertical launch, but it will be the motivated and expanding space community that will deliver on this opportunity.   

Whichever point of the arc of space activity you are interested in, there are people you can engage with in Scotland to progress your ideas or business proposition.

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